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marathon. >> here's gretchen. >>> hi, everyone, today on "the real story" is obama care one more time. the czar happy administration should've actually put a czar in charge. we're learning behind the scenes details. >>> plus, the white house wants folks to talk health care when they're eating their turkey at thanksgiving dinner. will that go down easily or cause a little indigestion? >>> plus, the white house pushing a work discrimination bill for gay rights. why now before obama care is fixed? >>> and police say a trucker was facebooking at the wheel before a deadly crash and the trucker now charged with murder. >>> hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." things getting heated at the white house where press secretary jay carney is getting grilled right now about obama care and the revelation that paper applications are processed in the same queue as people trying to enroll on the website. so here's a bit of that give and take. >> you said you can bypass the website and apply by phone or in person and it can be done in 25 minutes. but these memos say at the en
party. former president bill clinton says president obama should keep his promise to americans. demanding an investigation and she is up for re-election and she voted for obama care. plus is the head obama care website guy too busy fixing it to testify in the house tomorrow? and the miami dolphin's owner says he is shocked at the team's bullying scandal. hello, welcome today to the real story. we are now wrapping up his first briefing since the latest reports started strict tricklin today. but making clear that the white house anticipates it. >> he was evasive as to whether or not it would be the 15th. >> he said they are coming. but the numbers that they have seen so far show only 50,000 people or less so far in the 36 states that are covered by the federal marketplace actually enrolling. and from whether we are today. onlyp 139 days to get that number up to 7 million. we know many americans have been receiving cancellation notices from their plans that do not meet the affordable care act's high standards. we heard from former president bill clinton he thinks that is wrong. >>
who blew your money on this will be enforcing obama care now. the same irs that targeted tea party groups. are they up to the task? plus the president says the gop is thinking about next year's mid-term elections instead of governing. wasn't it the obama administration that pushed back obama care roll out until after the mid-terms. you could find one of these after you wash the grapes at the grocery store. one woman did. it's a black widow alert. heart warming surprise that brightened up an ugly football game and had fans crying tears of joy. welcome to monday edition of the real story. with the deadline to fix the obama care website days away you may be surprised to learn where the president is today and what he's doing. he's on the road fundraising. and right now he's gearing up for a big speech not on health care or the efforts to fix the website but on immigration. so what's being done to fix the website while the president is on the road? >> reporter: today the white house is talking a new way to tez crunch as people try to sign up for health care on that troubled government w
as documents show the administration was warned yet aden back in march that the obama care website was not ready for prime time. did the president know about this? >> bad news for the president in a couple of polls today? >> you are right. his approval rating never so low. in an abc washington post poll. most say the government shouldn't been involved with health care. most blame those numbers on the troubled roll out of press secretary saying the information is secure. >> when consumers fill out their online applications they can trust that the information that they are providing is protected by security standards. testing happens on an on going basis using best practices to safeguard personal information. the website has been determined to beco complia. >> gretchen? >> i can imagine republicans have something to say about these polls. what has the reaction been? >> the polls mirror their own scep ti sim. lawmakers asking why the president wasn't briefed on the situation and given the efforts to make good on his promise if you like your health insura
testifying on the hill again. as we're learning, the obama care website could expose your social security numbers to hackers, great. but the president's honesty about health care an even bigger problem. >>> plus, does hollywood need half a million bucks to push obama care? we have his take live in the studio. >>> after the l.a.x. rampage, just ahead of all of us going shopping. how scared should we be? the doctor leaving his wife to be with another woman allegedly told fellow inmates he was glad his wife was dead. now those inmates are taking the stand in the doctor's murder trial. >>> so, hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." senators grilling mayor lan tavner. the botched rollout. whole bunch of questions going on in today's hearing. she was asked about indications the administration really turned a blind eye to website security concerns. >> september 27th memo addressed to you states that due to system readiness issues, the required security assessment was only partly completed. >> so i think in the case because of the visibility of the exchange, the chief in
. >> here's gretchen and "the real story." >>> today on "the real story" we do have avoid the obama care train wreck if democrats didn't oppose a bill. >>> a feud over same sex marriage. mary says liz is on the wrong side of history. >>> the pope francis effect. reaching out to moderate. >>> a mom takes off from a traffic stop. did police have to shoot at her van full of kids? wait until you see the rest of that wild video. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome everyone to the real story. the white house in crisis mode over obama care disastrous roll. two hours from how the president will try to rally a base as his poll numbers don't take a dive. as more dems eye next year's election what will happen to party unity. mike, what explanation did house dems give for voting in favor of the bill president obama threatened to veto. that happened last week. >> gretchen, 39 house democrats voted against their leadership which was saying that this bill would in effect destroy obama care, among them the likely democratic candidate for senate in iowa and michigan, won california house democrat
panel will be here. he's fired up about how the obama administration handled obama care. >>> remember the guy who admitted to using crack cocaine. we have video of him going nutso and it has taken us a while to get all the bleeps in there. press secretary jay carney again taking tough questions on obama care. what did the president mean when he said you could keep your plan if you like it and when will the website be functioning? what is the latest on the website? >> the folks here says it is getting better every day. carney says it will be working better by the end of the month. he said he can't guarantee it will be working perfectly. he said those working on the problem 24/7 are dealing with the bugs. >> i can tell you that the objective here has not changed. it is still that the website and it's problems are being addressed by a team of experts and that work is continuing around the clock every day and by the end of the month we expect that the site should be funging at the standards necessary for the vast majority of the american people. >> the center still wouldn't
. obama care website not secure won't be by the end of the month. government cracking down on pilots who are too fat to fry. >> some people are2g over this add for men's boxer shorts. president obama meeting today with commissioners. >>> this map shows the statesno. if you live in one of these states you won't be able to get that plan back even if you want it. brett baeur joins me now. last week the president put it on the insurance companies saying look. you have to give them back when this say this isn't going to work for us, you have a real problem. that is why the president is meeting with the hez of the association and the commissioners whether they are boeing to put out something and say we think you are going to go by this and say it doesn't compel them to abide by it. >> i just don't see them changing their minds at this point in time and what does that mean for the americans whose plans why cancel led. >> there will be a gap. if those people can't find and get insurance on the website, through the exchanges and their plans have been cancelled, they are going to have some be some
weekend. >> tbif everyone. welcome to the real story today. president obama just finished talking health care in new orleans saying he would fix the troubled website himself if he could. saying he is sorry millions of americans would lose their insurance plan. ed henry live with more on this. >> the president was saying that he realizes there is not a lot of bipartisanship on the issue right now. he is down there talking about way to get the economy moving at a brisker pace but he talked about health care and was no moating the problems. he said at one point i wanted to go in and fix the website myself but i don't write code. look wait until this thing starts working and they won't call it obama care any wore. he is frustrated that it is not working and that is why he did this interview with nbc news where he walked up to a fuel apology and then said look, i feel bad about p people losing their plans here he is. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on a insurances that they got from me. we have to work hard that they know we hear them and we are going to
a fix for obama care. we are live at the white house. the president announced that the millions of americans who have had their health insurance plans cancelled will now be allowed to try and get them back from their insurance plans back. >> i think i've said in inner views that there is no doubt that the way i put that forward, ended up not being accurate. >> as you can imagine reaction now pouring in from lawmakers on both sides of the i'll. mike what can you tell us? >> what are you hearing? >> some democrats say the president's fix doesn't go far enough. they would prefer a two year extension. florida democrat bill nelson is in support of sending this tweet. not cancel policies folks like. it does represent the clearest am knowledge yet. house speaker john boehner says there is no way to fix this. >> so tomorrow the president or the house is going to act on the bill. the keep your health care plan act. the white house says it is looking for adminstrative fix. of course no one can identify anything. the president could do it to keep his pledge that would be legal and effectiv
we're about to learn the real obama care sign up numbers prompting one republican to call the president's broken health care promise a big betrayal. students pull a one if on an intruder who tries to break into their home and their college punishes them even though they have a permit? we'll get to the bottom of that. shocking new allegations in the case of the newlywed accused of killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff. and today we honor our veterans and help them find jobs as well. hello i'm gretchen carlson. the white house expected to pull back the curtains and releasing the numbers for obama care's rocky start. will those numbers tell the real story? will we see young americans signing up which obama care desperately needs to keep traits down or will the bulk of the folks be older and medicaid recipients getting services for free? numbers so far disappointing as we have reported. oregon initially reporting zero enrollees. across the country much of the same story. four in delaware. hundreds in illinois. karl rove served as the senior adviser and deputy chief of
first which runs counter to the common e-commerce practice of anonymous shopping. >> president obama said using it would be as easy as buying a ticket online. this is an insult. for millions it is about losing insurance the promise that you could keep. >> hi, peter lots to talk about today. >> reporter: in the last few minutes we learned that a fix is on the way for consumers for americans who saw their health plans unexpectedly cancelled in the last few weeks and jay carney saying that we should expect an announcement sooner than later. >> the president has always been eager to work with lawmakers on both parties. >> meanwhile, house republicans are highlighting those cancellation notices and telling the white house we told you so. >> back in 2010, we had a meeting at the blair house with the president before he signed obama care into and i raised with the president the issue of plans being cancelled. and there, the president actually admitted that he knew people would lose their plans yet he kept making this false promise. >> at two separate hearings on the hill today lawmakers pre
about bad headlines from obama care, and his allies have been taking a beating. they say this is an effort before the senate goes home for two weeks to their constituents for thanksgiving break to do other work, that they're trying to change the subject to give them more cover as they go home to meet with their constituents, desperate to talk about anything other than the rollout of the health care law. >> joining me now is charles cook, a staff riter for "the national review wts. my first question is why now, charles? >> i think it is fairly clear they want to distract from the obama care disaster. this is something they wanted to do for awhile. they are very frustrated that republicans have been blocking their nominations as they blocked republican nominees when bush was president. what obama just did is make a general case against minority rights. it was the system didn't work how i wanted it to, and so the system is wrong. and they said american business is far too important for the rules. you could have a military coups. >> he said back then it was a power grab. now
." breaki breaking news on obama care. now extending the enrollment from december 15th to december 23rd in order to get coverage by january 15th. this just happening moments ago. yet another delay now for obama care. the administration postponing the 2015 enrollment period until after the midterm elections next year. that announcement came yesterday claiming it's going to give them more time to study their options. skepticism is running high on capitol hill that it's all about politics right now leaving white house press secretary jay carney on the hot seat scrambling to explain what the heck is going on. chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house with more. ed, the white house is accused of playing politics with all of this shifting of dates, aren't they? >> that's right, gretchen. republicans like chuck grassley jumping on this and suggesting for the white house this far in advance to say they're pushing back enrollment for 2015 which was supposed to start in early do mid october of 2014 is not going to be pushed back to start in mid november of 2014. the white house
"the real story" with gretchen. >> welcome. public face for obama care's failures back on the hot seat today. facing tough questions from both sides of the aisle. mike emmanuel, fill us in, mike. >> kathleen sebelius saying, they are working on it. >> in the last five weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating experience for far too many americans. it is unsaptable and i'm focused on fixing it and i'm accountable. the administration has promised that it would be fixed by the end of the month. >> you said recently that you expect the website to be running smoothly for the majority of users there is no room for error. >> there was the familiar pitch from president obama that if you like your health care you will be able to keep it. today a leading republican asked how she could allow him to continue to say that. >> you have been misleading the american people and the president has over and over and over again. i would much rather you say yeah, we were wrong yeah, we didn't tell the truth. saying they should have known better. we should expect more hearings after the
this plan as trying to keep the president's promise on obama care. >> millions of americans are worried about coming home to open up their mailbox to find out that their health care coverage has been taken from them due to the president's health care law. he has said that if you like your health care you could keep it. we knew that this is a promise he could not keep and now it is a proppis he has broken. >> the sponsor of the bill said there was real bipartisan zip in congress to keep the president's promise. he said that forced president to act yesterday. what was the argument against the plan, mike? >> they argued that this was all about trying to kill the president's health care bill against the law. and bottom line they were calling on their members to vote no against the upton plan. saying they were in favor of strengthening the bill but not killing the law. there is a discussion going on. but there is a value decision that has been made in favor of the american people. that if we have to thread a needle, to get a result let's do that. but let's not unravel the whole sweater. >> p
facebook page, we'll read your comments and show your photos later on in the show. president obama wrapping up a three day fund raising tour in the east coast. he is going to meet with industry execs before giving a speech on the economy. you couldn't go out to california? >> i wouldn't want to do the traveling. good afternoon to you. today's visit to the hollywood farm run by his most prominent campaign donors. he attempts to do this on a day when the conference board reports to us that consumer confidence hits lowest level since april. economists interpret that as hiring and wages. so did the rocky roll out of obama care. a program that impact s one sixh of the economy. last night's party held as the mansion of magic johnson, he framed the success of the program as a moral issue. he said: meantime, on a conference call with state and local officials, health and human services secretary said it will boast a different user experience. >> it is one of the few places he can go and be useful and helpful to democrats. he is visrating his presidency and ratings so the one thing that he can do to
for obama care. the administration just announcing the federal health care website will not be able to handle small businesses for at least another year. so in the meantime, they'll have to sign up through other chams. chief washington correspondent james rosen live from the white house. i find these announcements interesting, james, the day before thanksgiving. >> that's right. this announcement, gretchen, comes just not on thanksgiving eve, when americans are preoccupied with things other than the news, but the four days before the semi-relaunch of the obama website. it shows that that enterprise is encountering major problems. hhs announced that the current december 15th deadline for small businesses to enroll their employees and if they're willing to use some other means to enroll them has been extended for one week, tease 23 december. if it seems confusing, it is. president obama said owe comma care has had a quote, unquote, rough launch but he said his signature law is already, quote, responsible for a slowing in the rate of growth for health care costs. with each passing day
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